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Breast Advocate® was founded by Dr. Minas Chrysopoulo, an internationally recognized expert in breast cancer reconstruction and shared decision-making. Shared decision-making occurs when the health care professional and patient work together to make a treatment decision that is best for the patient. The best decision takes into account evidence-based information about treatment options, the physician's knowledge and experience, and the patient's preferences and values. Multiple studies show this collaborative approach improves patient outcomes and satisfaction. 

The Breast Advocate® App is the first shared decision-making app for breast cancer surgery and breast reconstruction. Co-created by breast cancer specialists and patient advocates, Breast Advocate® provides evidence-based information and customized recommendations based on your diagnosis, personal preferences and values. It's your treatment. Our mission is to empower you to have the conversation you want to have with your doctors.

Our breast cancer app educates users in a comprehensive and personalized way about all their breast cancer surgery and reconstruction options, providing access to the latest studies and expert opinions. Regardless of your situation, you will have all the information and tools you need to take a more active role in your consultations and participate fully in the decisions about your treatment.

Need help deciding between procedures? After taking your individual situation and preferences into account, the Wizard provides evidence-based recommendations. If your preferences change after researching your options, you can change the answers to the Wizard’s questions any time and as often as you like.

Breast Advocate® also provides welcomed support. Connect with others who have faced or are facing the same decisions or issues. You don't need to face this alone.

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